La Patate Lac-Saint-Jean’s bagging center covers a 23500 square foot area and can store about
seven transport-trailors of 60000 lb. On average, the center can produce between three and six
60000 lb transport-trailors in one eight-hour shift, varying from one bag format to another. 

Before reaching the many sales outlets, the potatoes must pass through different steps.

Here they are in detail :

1. Arrival
2. Sizing

The potatoes are loaded into trucks at one of the
six growers and are unloaded into two reserves.
These have a total storage capacity of 120000 lb. 

The potatoes are sized according to the customer’s
order in a 12 grid Dikstra DT2 sizer. 
3. Brushing
4. Washing

The potatoes are brushed to remove any surplus
of soil. 

The potatoes are washed with water in a churn.
5. Sorting
6. Quality control
The potatoes are sorted on a sorting table to
remove any that do not conform to Canada No 1
standards as defined by the Canadian Food 
Inspection Agency.
The foreman inspects a bag sample to ensure the
quality and the conformity of the bagged potatoes. 
7. Bagging
8. Piling

The potatoes are bagged in different formats by
a 12 scale automatic bagger. 

The bags of potatoes are neatly piled using a
palletizer in order to produce straight and
compact pallets that stay intact during shipping.